Canna Hemp CBD Focus Elixir

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Looking for something to help channel your focus for a project? Canna Hemp CBD Focus Elixir is just the thing you need! Each CBD Focus Elixir contains 658.9 mg of CBD, with real cannabis terpenes, and is THC-free. Canna Hemp CBD Focus Elixir features key terpenes, such as a-Pinene, Limonene, and B-Caryophyllene. • Lab tested for quality assurance • Serving Size: 1 Dropper (Approx. 22 mg CBD) • Serving Per Unit: 30


- Limonene

- B-Myrcene

- A-Pinene

- Y-Terpinene

- Eucalyptol

- P-Cymene

- B-Caryophyllene

- Cis-Ocimene

- A-Terpinene

Canna Hemp

Combining the power of CBD hemp oil infused with real cannabis terpenes to bring you the best in natural wellness. Canna Hemp’s superior cbd hemp oil-based products are carefully and thoughtfully crafted to ensure each product has the perfect blend of high quality organic botanical ingredients. Canna Hemp features organically derived hemp seed oil legally cultivated in the United States. Canna Hemp with CBD features high quality CBD oil. 

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