Cannabios HempX-Oil Massage & Body Care - Lemon Plus

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Cannabios X-Oil Lemon Plus Massage and body care, is a completely natural fresher and massage oil, made from 100% organic plant extracts.

B.I.O hemp body care & massage X-oil nourishes, soothes and protects the skin, reduces irritation.

The special synergy created between its natural ingredients and its active ingredients, among which we find a mixture of olive oil, sweet almonds, hemp seed oil and lemon peel, in addition the natural CC + (Cannabinoid Complex Plus) from the hemp plant, with the supply of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids as well as countless antioxidants, nourishes the dermis in an exceptional way, bringing important analgesic and soothing properties, and is moisturizing and very nutritive at the same time.

Recommended for frictions and relaxing massages as it relieves tiredness and stress accumulated daily.

Cannabios massage oils have been developed and compounded based on a broad knowledge of the effects and function of natural substances on the body, as well as being a natural alternative to chemicals.

Made without preservatives, dyes or added fragrances, Cannabios X-Oil Massage Oil Lemon Plus is a product of sustainable and ecological agriculture.

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