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Special Products
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I was done with pharmaceuticals I wanted a discreet way to get access to CBD. I found whiteCBD and it changed my life now I am able to order and learn about new products all from the comfort of my own home.
CBD it just feels right!
I could not believe how good it works, I started using CBD 1 month ago and wanted a place where I can get access to new products. White CBD is my new store and I always recommend it to people and friends.
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Ready to do something about the soreness that comes the morning after an intense gym session? The CBDfx 50mg CBD Muscle Mini Balm offers some much-earned relief after a long, painful session at the gym or a hard fought sporting event. All-natural ingredients combine forces in this balm to target areas in need of aid, and provides your skin with a warming sensation that you’ll love. Best of all, this mini container size makes a perfect gift or addition to your travel bag.

$14.99 Price

The perfect pocket-sized answer to life’s daily stresses. We can always use a boost in our day, and our skin feels the same way! The CBDfx 50mg Calming Mini Balm contains all-natural ingredients that work to soothe areas of your skin that you feel are in need of a little pick-me-up. Fight dryness and irritation with a CBD-rich product that is effective and requires little to no steps in the application process.

$14.99 Price

Welcome to the world of Chronic Candy Gummies. Where soft candy, sour sugars, and CBD benefits collide to give you the most wonderful CBD Gummies experience in the market. 

$19.99 Price
Vape Juice

Love the flavor of your favorite e-liquid but don’t want to miss out on a CBD experience? Then grab a bottle of the Just CBD Oil Vape Additive! Just use your favorite vape device as normal, using the included dropper to add a measure of CBD directly to your vape tank, and you’ll be ready to go. This highly concentrated CBD may potentially be the perfect way to achieve your personal wellness goals, without having to miss any of your favorite flavors. Even better, this CBD uses full spectrum hemp extract that’s 100% organic for a pure, all-natural experience. Combine your favorite e-liquid with the best in CBD Oil with the Just CBD Oil Vape Additive!

$59.99 Price

Our Hangover CBD Patches make recovering from a long night faster and easier. Each patch is enhanced with 25mg of pure CBD With this 4-pack, the fear of the morning-after hangover won’t ruin your night.

$24.99 Price

Add a little sugar to your day!

Try this Get High Quality CBD Infused Sugar with your favorite treats!

  • Mix It In
  • Pour It On
  • Sprinkles It Over
  • Bake It
  • Shake It Up

Have a Sweet Day!

$4.99 Price

Take a trip to a smooth, luscious paradise with the top-grade coconut oil found in this JustCBD Topical Coconut Oil with CBD! This luxurious oil helps you enjoy a satisfying CBD experience while indulging your skin in this silky treat that you can't help but to fall in love with! If you’re looking for something totally natural, try this topical coconut oil with CBD today!

360mg of CBD per container

15mg of CBD per tsp

24tsp per container

$39.99 Price

Fire Organix specializes in the production of the highest quality hemp-derived nanoemulsions.

Our water soluble CBD and full spectrum products are THC Free.

  • Nanoemulsified
  • Water Soluble
  • High Bioavailability
  • Fast Acting
  • Hemp Derived
  • Lab Tested
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan
$7.99 Price

Hakuna Supply CBD “Dream Decaf” Hemp Roast. Shop Cannabinoid rich infused decaf coffee. Hakuna Hemp Roast blends phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil with great tasting Southern American coffee grown in Peru.

$9.95 Price

Our 25mg CBD Sublingual Strips are loaded with a blast of refreshing mint flavor that keeps your breath on point. These broad-spectrum CBD edibles come in a 3-pack with a convenient zipper lock pouch that is easy to bring wherever you go. Each strip packs a powerful punch of high quality CBD, and dissolves within seconds under the tongue. 

This product is perfect if you like to be able to enjoy CBD anywhere, anytime… while also making sure your breath smells nice and minty! Whether it’s before an important meeting, before a first date, or right before your big moment: you’ll love being able to get a serving of CBD while keeping your mouth nice and fresh!

$9.99 Price