Wild Hemp Pineapple Blaze

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20 Pineapple Blaze Hempette's Per Pack 50+ MG per Hempette Approximately Contains Less Than 0.3% THC 3rd Party Laboratory Tested To Ensure Quality & Safety American Grown Hemp
Pineapple Blaze is our brand new flavour of Hempette. The same high quality Hemp is used in these new Pineapple Blaze Hempettes so we can ensure that each Hempette has at minimum 50mg of CBD and each pack of Hempettes contains 1000+mg of CBD. Our Pineapple Blaze Hempettes have world famous terpenes in them which provide it with a sweet and fresh smell alongside a fruity, citrus taste. We believe that our Pineapple Blaze Hempettes are our most smooth and delicious Hempette yet! Each Hempette is packed full of cannabidiol and terpenes to create a delicious, aromatic flavor. They are made entirely from hemp that is grown in the United States.
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